Temperatures are starting to rise, summer is coming and we are ready for the online coding camps. This year we have organized four different courses so that you can learn to code from anywhere: you only need a computer and an Internet connection. There will be coding courses, Minecraft camps, video games programming courses, for younger children and also for teenagers.

Introduction to Programming with the Codelearn Method

Age: from 8 years old

This is an intensive course for kids willing to discover the world of programming and robotics. The Codelearn method allows them to learn to code while having fun: students will learn to solve small programming problems using Logo and Karel, and they will start working on their computational thinking. The activities will also allow them to develop reasoning and creativity.

Students in this course who want to continue learning to code can enroll in the online modality of Codelearn, a coding after-school program which follows a long-term learning method with which they will learn different programming languages progressively.

Creating Minecraft Mods

Age: from 12 years old

Minecraft is one of the favorite video games for children. In addition, it offers many possibilities to teach them new things, for example teaching them to how to code. In this case, students will learn to use a development environment to create Mods (extensions that improve gaming experience), they will be able to start learning Java to make animations with the created mods and they will also learn to use a Minecraft server and apply the mods.

Introduction to Web Design

Age: from 12 years old

In this course, students will be able to take their first steps in the world of web design. They will learn the main differences between the purely aesthetic part of design and the programming languages that they will use to build websites (HTML, CSS and JavaScript). For a week they will start to create their own websites and learn how to publish them, in addition to learning some considerations they must take into account to do so.

This course will take place on different dates and times. There will be a group in the morning (CET) from July 11 to 15 and another group in the afternoon (CET) from July 18 to 22.

3D Video Games with Unity (Level 1)

Age: from 12 years old

Video games are a gateway to the world of programming, since every day there are more children who dream of creating their own video games. Unity is the most important gaming development platform today and a great starting point for people who want to start creating their own projects. In this course, students will start to understand Unity’s interface. They will learn to create a new project, visual scripting (and some C / C#), how Physics works, image and audio management, applying effects of lights, shadows and materials, and much more.

This course will take place on different dates and times. There will be a group in the adternoon (CET) from July 11 to 15 and another group in the morning (CET) from July 18 to 22. Please note that your computer must meet some minimum requirements to use Unity, so remember to check them in the course description before registering.