Codelearn online

Codelearn, une activité parascolaire en ligne

An amusing method to start learning
to code from home


Codelearn is a game-based learning method designed to teach programming and computational thinking to children and young people. Our main goal is to prepare them for the future they will have to face and teach them the 21st century skills.

We truly believe that having fun is the best way to learn something, specially during childhood. That is why we decided to create a universe of characters and present the adventures they live through comic strips. Codelearn students will have to learn different programming languages in order to help some characters defeat the enemies.

Codelearn is designed for kids and teens from 7 – that means from the moment they start reading easily. However, children from 7 to 12 may need some help from parents to keep in mind that they have to access the platform and work regularly.

There is no age limit and everyday there are more and more adults learning to code with the Codelearn method. Anyone can get enrolled, you just need to have a computer with Internet connection and love STEAM activities!

Two modalities of the online activity


For security reasons, it is necessary to enter the payment details in the registration form.
No charges will be made until the 15-day trial period has expired.

Students can request to withdraw from the course at any time through the platform and in case of doing so
within the trial period no payment will be made.



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