A new edition of the Karel Challenge, our annual coding competition, has just started. This year, the Karel Challenge starts on May 2nd and end on June 1st with the celebration of the grand final in-person event in Barcelona. As every year, when the in-person mode of this competition ends, the Karel Challenge Online will begin, so pay attention if you want to participate from home in June.

Karel Challenge is an eSport that tests speed, strategy, and correctness when programming. The aim of this competition is to spread programming among the younger generation in a fun and exciting way. It is an open competition to everyone, so all Codelearn students who have completed Chapter 2 of Karel can participate, but also anyone who wants to try to overcome this challenge and have fun programming, even if they are not students of any center. The game consists of controlling a small virtual robot called Karel and guiding it through different scenarios where it must overcome obstacles, collect objects, complete the map’s objective, and reach the exit before the rival robots.

In the in-person mode, there will be two categories: those born in 2012 and later will participate in the Karel Challenge Junior, and those born up to 2011 (inclusive) will participate in the Senior category. The qualifying matches will begin on May 2nd, the semifinals will be held on May 18th in each center, and the in-person final will be on June 1st in Barcelona.

Regarding the online mode, there will be a single category (neither ages nor centers will be taken into account) and it will start on June 3rd. We will publish all the details later!


May 2nd: start of qualifying and preparatory matches
May 18th: semifinals at each Codelearn center
June 1st: in-person final in Barcelona


Senior Winner: Gaming laptop + 40,000 points
2nd, 3rd, and 4th Senior: 30,000 points
Junior Winner: Nintendo Switch OLED + 20,000 points
2nd, 3rd, and 4th Junior: 15,000 points

As every year, we remind you that simply participating in the final will also give points and allows entry into a draw for different prizes.


For Codelearn students, if you have completed Chapter 2 of the Karel adventure, you will see that you can access the competition from the “Games and Activities” section of the platform.

For the general public, you can register through this link: