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Our proven method

    • Kids can learn through games, which is more attractive


    • Each challenge accomplished has its reward


    • Students get constant help from an assigned mentor


    • This method has been built by IT and pedagogy experts


    • It is based on a long-term knowledge that has no expiration date

Start playing and learning with us to develop your computational thinking skills

Two cats coding on a computer

Computational thinking

Computational thinking embraces the methods and abilities to express and solve problems in languages that a computer could understand, process and execute.


However, it is not uniquely about the computing world, but it has also many educational benefits:


  • It develops abstract thinking
  • It favours the development of logical thinking
  • It puts into operation creative processes that can be done through teamwork
  • It brings together the use of different intelligences in shared projects: linguistics, mathematical, artistic, spatial, musical, intrapersonal and interpersonal
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Blended learning

Codelearn is not only a gamified online platform but also the group of educators behind it, as the students are always accompanied.


Most people who start a MOOC does not complete the online course because it is difficult to be motivated if you are alone. This does not happen with Codelearn, where you will have an assigned mentor that will be by your side, helping you whenever you hit a roadblock but also expecting you to do your work autonomously.


Furthermore, if you live near one of our academies, you can come a few days every week to learn, experiment and socialize!

Nens programant

What can you do thanks to programming?

These are just a few examples of programming applied in our lives:

Robots can clean up our houses, help us stacking boxes or even cooking our daily meals. There are many types of robots but one thing is clear: they are coming into our lives and will stay. So let’s learn how to control these new friends!

Videogames are currently the most important cultural industry, having already overcomed the film industry. Why would you be just a gamer when you can learn to create your own videogames?

Google, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram… All these well-known applications can exist thanks to programming. Don’t settle for being a simple spectator and start taking action – join the Internet world!

Programming and computational thinking are key elements for the future doctors work and basically for helping ensure humans health.


We help kids and teens learning to solve problems, face challenges, develop and create through programming and computational. How? We play games and have fun!
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Isn't programming too complicated for a child? At what age can kids join Codelearn? Does everyone need to know programming? Let us solve all your doubts!


Do you like our project? Would you like to join us and help more kids learning the 21st century main skill? You can now open a new Codelearn centre in your city.

We are IT professionals that have created this method for our own children. They deserve to learn what they will need in their future.

We’re here to help!

Online doesn’t mean without help – that’s why you’ll be able to contact your teacher or classmates and we also have physical sites!

Game-based learning

Our platform is not just where the contents are – we aim to convert the learning experience into a game and a social experience.

Comprehensive Curriculum

Our teachers used to teach from CS to aerodynamics in the university – We adapted all this for kids!


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