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The creation process for our method has taken more than 3 years, taking input from thousands of students, all ages, in the Barcelona area. Now expanding to the world!

We are IT professionals that have created this method for our own children. They deserve to learn what they will need in their future.

We’re here to help!

Online doesn’t mean without help – that’s why you’ll be able to contact your teacher or classmates and we also have physical sites!

Gamified education

Our platform is not just where the contents are – we aim to convert the learning experience into a game and a social experience.

Comprehensive Curriculum

Our teachers used to teach from CS to aerodynamics in the university – We adapted all this for kids!

Blended learning

Best of both worlds

Codelearn is a gamified online platform, but also the teachers behind it.


Most people that start a MOOC does not complete them. It’s difficult to be motivated if you are alone.


At Codelearn, you will have an assigned mentor that will be by your side, helping when you hit a roadblock but also expecting you to do your work. And if you live near one of our academies, you can come every week to learn, experiment and socialize!

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Is Codelearn Really That Good?

Don’t take it from us. This is real, spontaneous feedback sent by members of our amazing community! We love when we get these!


Jordi is really happy when it’s time to come to Codelearn, and you are so good with kids. He really enjoys this creative and fun environment.

Besides, I feel that their grades in school have improved since he started here. It might be a coincidence, but nonetheless it happened. I think that the reasoning that he needs to code will help him in his other subjects, specially the scientific and technic ones

– Montse

My son is so happy to come – and he is learning indeed!

– Bibiana

I feel this is were I belong!

– Daniel (10)
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