It’s already summer and that means it’s time for a new adventure and a new activity on our online platform. After Chess and Go, this year we are happy to announce Summer of Cards, a collection of three card games that will help us keeping our minds active during the summer and have fun while working on logic, strategy and many other important skills.

The first game of this collection is Solitaire, a classic game that never gets old and is suitable for people of different ages and with different interests. Solitaire is a card puzzle that, far from being boring, keeps our brain active and proposes challenges and personal motivation. It improves our ability to develop strategies, as we need to think a few steps in advance, and helps us focus on the game and have a calm, worry-free mind.

The second game of Summer of Cards is an adapted version of Poker, a game where strategy and logic are key, as well as psychology when it comes to understanding others and adapting to new situations throughout the game. In this case, in addition to playing a variant of the game with croquettes, we will raise awareness among students about other aspects surrounding this game, specifically on the subject of gambling.

Finally, the third game will be a Codelearn’s own game: Boolean Attack! This game is a variant of the game Cheat, which is traditionally played with Spanish-suited-cards, but to play it you must also understand the Boolean Logic. Boolean algebra is a type of mathematics that uses only two values: 0 and 1, often referred to as FALSE (0) and TRUE (1), as we worked on during digital electronics week. Therefore, the playing cards that we will find in Boolean Attack are TRUE, FALSE, OR with True or False, AND with True or False, XOR with True or False and NOT.

Enjoy your summer!