Throughout the academic year Codelearn organizes different special weeks during which we work on a specific topic through different projects and activities. Next week we will celebrate the first thematic week of this school year, which will be dedicated to logic gates.

Over the next week we will talk about digital electronics, which is the most modern branch of electronics and the one that evolves the fastest. That means that we will have to learn more about the two discrete states in which the information is encoded in most digital systems and that we can call it in many different ways: Ø and 1, false and true, off and on, low and high, among others.

Therefore, we will also need to know the binary code, we will explain what Boolean algebra is and we will learn what are logic gates, what are the most common operations and how to build a truth table. As always, we will try to explain everything by combining theoretical explanations with small games which help us putting into practice and understanding all the concepts that we have learned during the week.