Coding and robotics after-school programs are increasingly present among extracurricular activities offered by schools and also by academies like Codelearn. In recent years, technology-related activities are becoming more important among the preferences and interests of children, which seems inevitable if we look at the world we live in and how we use technology on a daily basis (both adults and children).

We live surrounded by technology at work, at home, in schools and high schools and during leisure time, so every day it is more common for children to want to play with educational robots such as Lego Mindstorms, as well as someday they might say that they want to become video game programmers. It is normal and important for them to be interested in the things around them, and technology can’t be left out of their education because it is very important in our day to day lives. Today’s world works thanks to software, and beyond the entertainment options that can be a gateway to the world of programming, such as video games, the fact that children and adolescents want to learn to code is very positive for them.

Programming can help them in their personal development, since learning to program is the best way to work on computational thinking, a transferable skill that they can apply throughout life, both in their personal lives and throughout their academic or professional careers. That is why it is important that all technological activities for kids, whether they are organized in schools or after-school clubs, are focused on acquiring transversal skills and are not oriented to specialization or teaching exclusively how to use a particular program or programming language, which will become obsolete over time.

Therefore, if you are thinking of enrolling your children in such an activity or are part of a school that wants to start offering coding after-school programs during the 2022-2023 school year, we invite you to read this article about how to choose a coding and robotics after-school program. Codelearn tries to follow the path mentioned in this article to offer an activity for children that is fun and at the same time helps them to get ready for the future.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if your children might be interested in our online program or you think your school may want to work together to include computational thinking in classroom, whether during school time or among your extracurricular activities.