The Rocket’s dream is the first video game launched by Xavier Giralt, who was the first student enrolling in 2013. Seven years later, Xavier is 15 years old now and he’s still following the Codelearn method, which has helped him developing their video game and starting to build his new website, as he is currently learning Javascript in our online platform.

Throughout these years, Xavier has been progressively learning different programming languages. When he was 8 years old he started learning to understand how to communicate with computers and he did so using Logo, Karel and Scratch. After that, he was able to start learning to code with Python and he learned some web design with HTML & CSS. We can see he has created a video game using Unity, so he has also learned C++, and on this path he has found lots of coding challenges in our platform.

Learning to code helps kids and teens creating their own projects and empowers them to become technology creators instead of only users. Creating your own video games, building your robot, developing mobile apps or software… It is all possible if you start learning to code today!