The coding, robotics and computational thinking school crosses the Spanish border to open its first center in Andorra. Codelearn has inaugurated this new academy with the aim that Andorran children and adolescents can learn to code from scratch and acquire the 21st century skills while having fun.

Codelearn follows its own game-based method and has now 25 on-site academies –in addition to its online modalities. Codelearn is a blended-learning program where boys and girls from 7 years old can learn to code using an online platform where they encounter different challenges and exercises presented through the adventures of a universe of fictional characters.

Students attend the center one hour a week, but the rest of the week they can also access the platform whenever they want to work at their own pace and continue learning programming from home, always with the support of a mentor who helps them solving their doubts and accompanies them throughout their learning process, both in person and online from home.

Codelearn Andorra also organizes coding camps during school holidays and can offer its services in schools, both as an after-school program and including computational thinking in school hours as a new subject. If you want to join the project and spread computational thinking with us, please don’t hesitate to visit our “Franchises” page and contact us if you want to bring the method to your city.