A new school year begins and we are now even more convinced of the importance of acquiring new digital skills, since throughout last year we have been able to see how the pandemic has affected the growth of the technology industry. The digitization process of companies has been accelerated and the IT field has not stopped growing while others were practically devastated as result of COVID-19.

Therefore, Codelearn focus on working on computational thinking, the ability to learn to learn, which helps us find solutions to problems of any kind, and work on it while we learn programming, which is surely the most important technical skill of the 21st century. However, beyond acquiring the digital skills that they will need once they enter the labor market, learning to code from an early age has many benefits for the development of children: through learning to code we can acquire other important skills such as teamwork, adaptability, creativity, critical thinking or logical thinking, among others.

To achieve this, we have developed a unique method and a detailed curriculum that allows young people to learn different programming languages and technologies progressively. Unlike other technological activities, Codelearn do not focus on a single program or language, which will sooner or later become obsolete, but we want children and adolescents to acquire skills and abilities that will last a lifetime. The curriculum follows a logical order and has been designed by various experts in both technology and education. Thus, we can ensure that students continually practice all they have already learned while continuing to learn new things.

The main tool of Codelearn method is an online platform with which each student can progress at their own pace, so that the needs of each one and their learning process are respected. They can follow the method for years and learn some basic content at first and acquire more specialized knowledge later. Our goal is for them to be able to carry out their own projects and stop being just consumers to also become creators of technology.

If your children love technology and you would like them to learn new digital skills and develop computational thinking in a fun way, you can take a look at our online program and try it for 15 days.