Extracurricular activities have had to adapt quickly to the sudden changes and the uncertainty caused by the arrival of COVID19, the new classroom safety measures and the possibility of experiencing new school closures or other restrictions on mobility. In this sense, Codelearn’s coding and robotics after-school program has a great advantage that makes easier to keep doing the activity as we knew it before the pandemic, thus confirming that it has the ability to adapt to this new situation and it can be classified as a COVID-Ready activity.

Codelearn is an after-school program using a blended learning method. Each student has his own user so he can access to our online platform, within which he follows the adventures of fictional characters and must overcome challenges and exercises to move forward –as if it were a video game with different levels. Thanks to the individual access to the platform, students can learn to code autonomously by following the instructions of the exercises and each one learns at his own pace. They are never alone in this process, as they can always count on their mentor, who helps them solving all their doubts and explains them everything they can’t understand.

During the in-person classes students can visit the center one hour weekly so they can talk to their mentor, have fun with other classmates and learn about different technologies by doing complementary activities (for example robotics or electronics projects). This on-site lessons were replaced by videoconferencing classes during school closures and these lessons will stay active as a new online modality of the after-school program, in addition to the simple online modality that already existed. These video-conferences are done in small groups, so the level of customization of each student’s learning is ensured.

As Codelearn students always work through an online platform, both students and teachers have been able to easily adapt to the online modality. We have managed to keep the main advantages of blended learning thanks to videoconferencing classes and the students’ progress has not been disturbed. The greatest difficulty for most extracurricular activities has been the need to adapt the way they presented their content and to design new digital tools or resources. In the case of Codelearn’s after-school program, the online platform was already implemented, as well as it was a learning methodology which helps overcoming the challenges of online education.

If you want to choose an online after-school program and start learning to code, the Codelearn method may be a good option when choosing extracurricular activities for the new school year.

Try now the online method for 15 days or contact us for more information.