Codelearn is a programming and computational thinking after-school program designed especially to introduce these disciplines to young learners. The school, which currently operates in around 30 academies and serves students from around the world through its online platform, has been steadily growing since it opened its first academy in 2013. Over all these years, thousands of kids and teenagers have discovered the Codelearn universe and their new superpower, computational thinking, a cross-cutting skill applicable to any field that helps us solve all kinds of problems.

A unique method and a detailed curriculum

From its foundation, Codelearn has set itself apart from other similar extracurricular programs thanks to its pedagogical approach. The programming school for children and teenagers follows its own method and a detailed curriculum aimed at developing skills that will last a lifetime, providing these young learners with the necessary tools to tackle any challenges they encounter. Unlike other academies and courses, it’s not just about learning to use a couple of specific programming languages or currently popular software programs. Instead, it’s about acquiring knowledge of as many languages and technologies as possible to be able to understand any new language that may emerge, choose the best option for providing technological solutions for different situations, and at the same time, work on problem-solving, a valuable skill both in the professional field and in the personal sphere.

To achieve this goal, the content is structured according to the curriculum and presented in a concrete way to adapt the teaching of these disciplines to the reality and needs of young learners, keep them motivated, respect each student’s work pace, and ensure that it is a real and effective learning experience. All of this is made possible by our primary working tool, the Codelearn online platform, which uses gamification to make learning programming a fun activity.

Flexible learning and personalized follow-up

Thanks to the online platform, each student can learn at their own pace without depending on a group and without attending lectures, as is the case in other similar academies. Each student has their own user account to access the platform, work on their exercises autonomously, and progress depending on their dedication, motivation, and ease of understanding new content. Therefore, students have some flexibility in terms of accessing the platform, which is available 24 hours a day, year-round, and choosing a schedule to attend the center.

Attending the center facilitates the follow-up of the student’s learning by their Codelearn tutor, who will exchange messages with the student through the platform whenever needed throughout the week. During this in-person lessons, the tutor can more easily help the student resolve any doubts and provide additional explanations. The tutor is responsible for guiding and accompanying the student throughout the learning process, so even though students work autonomously, they are never alone in their learning journey. Additionally, at the end of each trimester, the tutor will write a report for the student’s family, who can also monitor the progress made through the platform by accessing their profile from the parent’s portal.

10 years preparing for an imminent future

Codelearn was created with the idea of helping young people prepare for the future in a context where technology was growing at an increasingly rapid pace. A decade later, that pace has not slowed down but continues to accelerate. Technology is becoming more integrated into our daily lives, and in recent years, we have seen the emergence of new professions related to artificial intelligence, big data, robotics, and other fields directly linked to programming. Programming has also gained importance in other sectors such as medicine, economics, chemistry, and more.

Learning to program is necessary to understand a world where technology plays such a significant role, and having basic programming knowledge will soon be essential even for those working in seemingly unrelated fields, as most jobs will rely on software tools. At this point, being able to communicate with machines is as important as learning to read or write. And the best way to learn something, especially during childhood and adolescence, is to do it in a fun and engaging way, as we do on our platform.

This week marks the beginning of a new school year in our centers, and it could be a great time to join the adventure of programming. Welcome once again to Codelearn, the best extracurricular program for the technological future!