We already know the winners of the Quarantine Contest, the Codelearn competition we launched to ask our students how they are experiencing lockdown. They had the chance to express themselves using three types of project: Logo, Scratch or video.

We have received many proposals and we have to congratulate all participants because some of them have been really creative and some others have been able to explain perfectly their daily life at home. But the jury has been deliberating and these are the overall winners for each category:

Category 1 – Up to 8 years

1- Roger Soler

2- Arnau Martin

Projecte de Logo de l'Arnau Martin

3- Emma Foster

Projecte de Logo de l'Emma Foster

Category 2 – From 9 to 12 years

1- Jacob Coley

2- Pau Vázquez

Projecte de Logo del Pau Vázquez

3- Arnau Caparrós

Category 3 – From 13 to 18 years

1- Alba Pérez

Projecte de Scratch de l'Alba Pérez

2- Raúl Castillo

Projecte de Scratch del Raúl Castillo

3- Arnau Vilet

Projecte de Scratch de l'Arnau Vilet


The winners have won a bonus of 5,000 points. The runners-up have scored 4,000 points and students in third place have scored 3.000 points. We hope you can use them on the platform store!

Also there are winners per center in the same categories. Your center will let you know if you are one of the top three students in your category.

Congratulations to the winners and thanks to everyone for participating in the contest!