There are new online coding courses scheduled! The next online camps will take place in March and registration is open now. This time we have scheduled two different courses: Introduction to programming with the Codelearn method and 2D Video games with Unity.

Introduction to Programming with the Codelearn method is a good opportunity to start developing computational thinking while learning to understand computing mechanisms and concepts. The course for adults will take place on Thursdays and the course for children will be on Saturdays. In both groups, students will use educational programming languages (Logo and Karel) to learn to solve simple programming problems and they will also take part in activities which enhance creativity, reasoning and wit.

If you are a fan of video games and would like to learn how to create your own games, in 2D Video games with Unity we will learn to use this professional development environment and will create a simulation of popular games such as Mario Bros. Students will learn to create their own characters, enemies, stories and interactions, so this course is more complicated and there is a minimum age requirement of 12 years.

Online camps are short courses, but if you are interested in learning programming you can also try our online after-school program.