The school year is over and we’re going on vacation! As every year, however, we want to give you reasons to continue being part of Codelearn, the best coding and robotics after-school program for children and young people. Normally, during September we held the traditional student raffle, a draw with several prizes which rewarded student loyalty and gave you more chances to win the more years you’ve been registered at Codelearn. This year we have changed the September raffle so that chance is not the only player and you students can choose whether you want a prize or not and can access it (or not) depending on your seniority at the school.

The first news is that from September all students will receive seniority badges for each year you have been enrolled in Codelearn. Within your profile on the platform you will see a single badge appear, the longest that corresponds to you by seniority (if you signed up 7 years ago, you will see the 7 year badge, and next year you will only see the badge of 8 years). When this badge is “bright yellow”, it will tell you that you can click it to collect points and celebrate another year on the platform. It will give you 1000 points for each year, and once collected, the badge will stop glowing and you won’t be able to collect more until the following year, when the new badge appears.

As usual, you can use these points in the store to buy prizes, adventures, avatars or upgrades for your character. In addition, from now on your seniority badge will give you access to exclusive prizes based on how many years you have been a Codelearn student. In this way, everyone will benefit, since it is not only a way of rewarding the loyalty of the most veteran students, but at the same time it also facilitates the access of the newest students (who have fewer points) to prizes that sometimes they can’t get easily. In September, you will see the first prizes restricted to your seniority range. We hope you enjoy these new advantages and wish you a great summer.

Thank you for trusting Codelearn for another year!