The fifth edition of the Karel Challenge begins on April 26. Due to the current situation Karel Challenge 2021 will be held online. However, last year we already saw that this change did not affect the competition and every year participants reach a higher level in the games. Do you accept the challenge?

The Karel Challenge is a game / eSport that tests participants’ speed, strategy and correctness when programming. Its main goal is to spread the importance of programming and computational thinking among children and young people and to do so in a fun and exciting way. Regarding Codelearn students, only those who have finished Chapter 2 of Karel’s adventure can participate, but you can also sign up for the competition although you are not a student of our coding after-school program – just keep in mind that you need some programming skills.

Participants will have to control a virtual robot – called Karel – in different scenarios where they will have to overcome obstacles and grab objects, completing the mission and reaching the exit before the rivals. Each game will have a specific start time and players must be prepared within the game at the set time, which can be consulted on the platform using a calendar. When the time comes and the game is activated, codes can be sent.

Those born from 2010 onwards will compete in the Karel Challenge Junior and those born up to 2009 (included) will participate in the Senior category (there is no age limit!). Obviously, there will be prizes in both categories!


For participating in the semifinals: 1.500 points
For reaching the final: 5.000 points
For each victory during the final: 3.000 points

Senior Winner: Trophy + PS5 + 40.000 points
2nd, 3rd and 4th Senior: 30.000 points

Junior Winner: Trophy + Nintendo Switch + 15.000 points
2nd, 3rd and 4th Junior: 10.000 points

Also, there will be global prizes at the Points Store which only KC finalists will be able to buy!


From April 26 to May 13: classification games.

Saturday, May 15: each centre will celebrate its semifinal. Only those participants who have won at least one game can participate.

Saturday, May 29: Senior and Junior Big Finals.


Codelearn students: you can enroll on the platform, “Games and Activities”, if you have finished Karel’s Chapter 2.

General Public: you can make your registration through this link.

Good luck!