Choosing the keyboard which best suits our needs is important to make us feel comfortable while using our computer, whether it is for writing notes, teleworking, programming or playing games. There are different types of keyboards, and each one may be more suitable for a particular situation. Thus, people who likes playing video games will probably look for an accurate one, while people who needs a keyboard to work might prefer one that is simpler and noiseless. So the first question we need to ask ourselves before buying a new keyboard is what do we need it for.

Mechanical Keyboard vs. Membrane Keyboard

Membrane keyboards are the classic ones we’ve always had at home. They may have thicker or finer keys; the main difference with other types of keyboard is not aesthetic, but it’s on the inside of a keyboard and is based on the mechanism it uses to drive the keys. All keys on a membrane keyboard use a single surface of plastic or silicone (a single membrane which takes up all the space on the keyboard) as an activation system, while each of the keys on a mechanical keyboard has its own “switch” and system, which is independent of the surrounding keys, thus minimizing the risk of making mistakes and pressing other keys.

This difference makes membrane keyboards cheaper, so since there are already many models that are really comfortable to use, if you don’t want to use your keyboard to play these are probably the best choice for you. In addition, they are lighter than mechanical keyboards and are also much quieter, as the main disadvantage of mechanical keyboards is that they generally make a lot of noise. It is true that you can also choose a silent type of switch for a mechanical keyboard, so today it’s easy to find some quieter ones, but keep in mind that the price will also increase.

If you’re a real gamer, you’ll probably end up choosing a mechanical keyboard to help you gain accuracy, in which case you’ll have to decide what budget you want to spend on it. Mechanical keyboards allow for a much higher level of customization, have high durability, and allow to change a key if it’s broken or you want to change its design.

Best gaming keyboards

1. Mars Gaming MKXTKL

For those who are looking for a simple and cheap first gaming keyboard, this mechanical keyboard can be a good option if you only have a budget of around 30€. The Mars Gaming MKXTKL features a compact, ergonomic design for better comfort, a lighting system with many different effects, and is compatible with multiple platforms.

2. Dierya DK61E

For players who prefer to win space using small keyboards and can do without some keys, this 60% mechanical keyboard can be a good choice within a budget of around 60€. The Dierya DK61E has 61 keys with anti-ghosting technology and features a compact, ergonomic, back-lit design.

3. HyperX Alloy Origins Core

Another option if you do not want to use a 60% keyboard is to choose an ultra-compact keyboard with TKL design. One of the models that can be found for around 120€ is the HyperX Alloy Origins Core mechanical keyboard. With a memory that allows you to save up to three configuration profiles, it dispenses with the numeric zone we can often find on keyboards and allows you to gain space to use the mouse without losing as many keys as on reduced keyboards.

4. Razer Huntsman Tournament Edition

For a similar budget, the Razer Huntsman Tournament Edition is designed to deliver higher speed with a quick response from your keys. It also has a compact design without a numeric zone and has an integrated memory that allows you to save up to five configuration profiles.

5. Corsair K70 RGB MK.2

Speed and accuracy are the two main features of this RGB backlit mechanical keyboard, which can be found for around 150€. Its Cherry MX-Speed switches are primarily designed to improve player speed, but at the same time are quieter than other types of switches, making it a balanced model.