Our second theme week is already here! From March 15 to 19 our centers will learn more about Artificial Intelligence and most of our students will have their first contact with AI during this week. They will learn about this part of computer science, which develops algorithms allowing a machine to take “intelligent” decisions – or at least act similar to a human being.

We will explain the main differences between traditional programming and Artificial Intelligence, so that we can better understand the AI revolution. We will see how to classify AI and talk about some of the most common applications of AI, which is used in very different industries. Every day we have more opportunities to experience daily with Artificial Intelligence: search engines are increasingly efficient thanks to AI, we have personal assistants at home like Alexa, we can enjoy AI in many video games or even play against an Artificial Intelligence.

A good way to enter the world of Artificial Intelligence is to look for tools for children: thanks to Machine Learning for Kids we will learn to create an interactive Machine Learning project using tools such as Python or Scratch. You can also take a look to our offer of Online Camps and, once it is available on school holidays, sign up for the Introduction to Artificial Intelligence course, which is designed for adolescents from 14 years old.