So far, the only team programming competition on the platform was the Codeathlon, in which participants compete in clans of a maximum of six students each. However, the end of 2020 has left us a novelty that has come to change this situation: Clash of Codes is a new competition in which every week all Codelearn students contribute with their work and earn points for their center or school. Its main goal is to promote teamwork among students attending a same center, help them maintain perseverance when doing exercises, motivate them to improve themselves every week and reward the centers that have worked the most.

Beyond the individual points which each student earns for doing the exercises well, every week centers and schools can earn or lose diamonds, thus helping their students earning extra points. They can do it in different ways, but the most important thing is that everyone is aware of the need to work to help their center, which in this competition will be their team. At the same time, it must be taken into account that every week the center will have a handicap based on its position in the ranking at the end of the previous week, something that forces the centers to maintain the regularity and seeks to keep students constantly motivated.

On the other hand, as both the work done by all students from the center and the ranking position must be taken into account, Clash of Codes invites students from the same center to communicate with each other to seek the best strategy to help them earning diamonds and keeping them, so that everyone can receive more points thanks to a collective effort.

Codelearn is a coding, robotics and computational thinking after-school program which follows its own method and personalizes the learning process of each student. Throughout the school year we organize other activities, such as individual or group competitions and contests that encourage creativity, in order to create a large community of students who share the same interests and eager to learn to code while having fun. If you are not yet a Codelearn student, find a center in your area or sign up for the online after-school program.