Creating Minecraft Mods

Minecraft is a 3D open-ended game, which means it has no limits and allows its users building and creating whatever they can imagine.

Mods are changes and modifications created by the player community which enrich the gaming experience. They are also very popular among children, as they allow them to enjoy many different mini-games, recipes, weapons, etc.

Students will learn how to use a mod development environment, MCreator. It’s easy to use and allows us creating new blocks, structures, mobs or machines without the need to know how to code.

In this course, students will learn to:

– Use a development environment to create single player mods.
– Start using Java, which allow us to animate the mods we create.
– Use a Minecraft server using commands and implement mods.

When and where?

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Online: 19th, 20th, 21st, 22nd and 23rd of July