The second Tuesday of February is Safer Internet Day (SID), a global event that was created to claim the importance of a safe Internet for everyone, especially for the youngest, and the need to use it responsibly. Under the slogan “Together for a better Internet“, this day is calling the entire population to raise awareness in everyone (especially children and adolescents) about important subjects such as digital privacy, respect in social media, the critical use of technology and the Internet, among others.

Safer Internet Day has been celebrated since 2004 and has currently reached 170 countries around the world. This year, SID will be celebrated on February 8th and that is why throughout this week there will be lots of talks, workshops, information campaigns and other initiatives which may be on very specific topics, but are all organized with the same goal: to improve our experience on the Internet and minimize the risks arising from the use of the Internet.

How to make the Internet a safer place for everyone

The motto of this initiative is not a coincidence nor is it simply a way of speaking, it is true that each one of us can contribute to making the Internet a safer and more friendly place every day. At Codelearn centers we try to do this by providing tools and knowledge about the use of technology, but also working on transversal skills such as critical thinking, which helps people to make good use of the Internet, and promoting values such as responsibility or respect for others.

Schools also have an important role and can encourage debate among students, while families are responsible for educating at home about the use of technology and promoting a positive use of the Internet through dialogue and example. Children and adolescents can also contribute to building a safer space by always creating and sharing positive content and avoiding content and participation that are not respectful of other people.

The first step to make Internet a better place is to act with respect and following some basic rules of Cybersecurity. Also, there are various resources, workshops and training activities which help us to better understand the risks of the Internet and the good practices that we can use to protect ourselves and be less vulnerable. Wherever you are from, you can access the Safer Internet Day website, where you will find initiatives carried out in the different countries that celebrate Safer Internet Day, as well as several articles and other content whose main objective is to preserve the rights of children and young people on the Internet.