Are you ready? It’s finally back! The best programming league is almost here and this new edition brings some news and changes. The Codeathlon Summer Edition 2021 will begin next Monday, May 17 and will end on September 17. From this weekend you can start registering your teams on the online platform: remember that it is necessary that at least 3 members of the clan agree to participate in the coding league and that only students who have reached level 2 will be able to access the challenges.

Like last year, the Codeathlon Summer Edition will only have online challenges. Depending on the challenges your clan members play and their results, you will get one score or another at the end of each round and you will be able to climb the leaderboard faster.

If you cannot participate in the summer edition, do not worry because your clan will keep the category for the next edition, but this is something that you can only do once, so you will be obliged to participate in the next Codeathlon if you do not want to return to Bronze League.

And when will the next edition take place? Well, shortly after the start of the school year, since this edition presents some changes: from now on there will be a Codeathlon per season (summer, autumn, winter and spring) and the system of awards will also be different.

From now on, points will be distributed among the winning clans based on their final position in the classification so that their members can choose which prizes they want to buy in the platform’s store, where there will be special prizes for Codeathlon participants.

Are you ready for this summer challenge? Gather your clan and register as soon as possible to be able to compete from the first round.

Good luck to everyone!