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In recent years several tools have emerged to help introducing programming to children and young people. These tools aim to provide an introduction to programming using a friendly environment but, at the same time, it offers several alternatives for learning the basics of high level programming languages: variables, control structures, functions, etc. Typically, these environments offer a friendly interface that incorporates motivational factors and different abilities put...

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In our country, it's strange to relate programming as a skill focused on children. However, there are increasingly more initiatives (mostly on Anglo-Saxon world) to teach computational thinking to children from an early age. Note that computational thinking is not only about learning a programming language, but focuses on basic concepts like logic, cause-effect relationship, algorithms construction as a method of solving problems ...

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What is the best way to learn? Usually, when we are doing something that we like, and we are having fun. Programming is a discipline that requires considerable mental effort, so it is very important to introduce it to children with an attractive approach....

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