On December 31st, the 2023 Codeathlon Autumn Edition came to an end. The final rounds brought no surprises at the top of the Golden League standings, with the podium remaining unchanged from before the Christmas break. Therefore, Zebra has retained the championship title in the category with 53 points and 127 goals, earning each clan member 40,000 points on the platform. Black Bamboo maintained the second position (49 points and 83 goals) and secured 30,000 points for its members, while Infinity Sabadell closed the podium with 48 points and 99 goals, earning 20,000 points for each member. AraleClan and KRITICsystem finished in fourth and fifth place respectively, with each participant from both clans adding an extra 15,000 points to their platform scores. The rest of the Golden League’s Top 10, earning 10,000 points, consists of Digital_Dynasty, Eletherios, THE WORKERS, TheYoshiers, and THE REVELION. As for the top goal scorers in the category, Jan Muntada and Bernat Figuerola led with 26 goals each.

The first edition of Codeathlon Pro concluded with a clear victory for PIRATES, as the clan closed the competition with 46 points and 82 goals, well ahead of the second-placed Les pitons del Llobregat (34 points and 95 goals). Noobs… secured the third position in the category with 28 points and 59 goals, only two points above while (true) { code(); }, which finished in fourth place with 26 points and 61 goals. Els Cthulhus rounded out the Top 5 with 24 points and 48 goals. Rosa Comabella was the top scorer in the category scoring 23 goals.

ICKKDBB emerged as the champion of the Silver League with 55 points and 113 goals, a significant lead over the second-placed Real Suciedad, who managed to accumulate 44 points and 47 goals. The first-place finisher earned 10,000 points for each of its members, and the second-place finisher earned 8,000. Finally, the third-place finish and the 6,000-point prize went to Le petit Comité (39 points and 28 goals), which fought for the last podium spot with Bodum, finishing in fourth place with 37 points and 39 goals. The other Top 10 clans, securing promotion to the Golden League, were Pixel Titans, Lo Clan, Pompeu Fabra, CodeGirls, pros, and IMPERIUM. The top goal scorer in the category was Dani Barrera, who scored 25 goals.

Lastly, in the Bronze League, the standings were so closely contested before the Christmas break that the league was decided by a minimal difference. Esquadron Lalalala, which held the top spot, ended up falling to fourth place with 42 points and 66 goals and missed out on a spot in the Golden League, although they can compete in the Silver League in the next Codeathlon edition. The codelearners de fortnite climbed to the first position (45 points and 80 goals) and became the category champion due to the goal difference, as ClanXD finished in second place with 45 points and 55 goals. With just one point less, GGPilotesMeowMeow secured the Bronze League’s third position (44 points and 66 goals) and, like the first two, earned direct promotion to the Golden League. The other Top 10 finishers were pato :V, Los pollos hermanos, F en el chat porque si, Robert Lewandoski, Area 51 codelearn, and LOS GUMM, with the top goal scorer prize going to Biel Ramírez, who scored 16 goals for his clan.

2024 Codeathlon Winter Edition will begin on January 15th. Gather your clan members and complete your registration to compete from the first round, climb to the top of the standings, and have the chance to acquire exclusive prizes in the platform’s store.