The last round of the Codeathlon Summer Edition took place this weekend, which means we already know the winner clans of our coding and robotics competition!


“Alerta Cobra 666” has won the Golden League with 66 points and all the clan members will get a Smart TV and 15.000 points.

“EXPLORER TEAM” (62 points) has won a Raspberry Pi 4 and 10.000 points for its members.

“THE SUDOS” (50 points) will receive an Arduino Kit and 7.500 points.


“FORTNITE APEX” is the winner clan of the Silver League thanks to the 63 points scored by its members. They will get a Raspberry Pi and 5.000 points as a reward.

“La barbacoa” (61 points) and “RoyaleConQueso” (51 points) have both won an Arduino Kit and 3.000 points for each student.


“TheYoshiers” (62 points) are the Bronze League champions and “WILLYREX” has ended in the second place with 61 points. The two clans will get 3.000 points and for the next edition of the Codeathlon they will be able to compete in the Golden League.

Finally, “” have scored 56 points and they have won a place to compete in the Silver League.