Codeathlon Summer Edition ended on Friday. The Codeathlon is a coding competition in which all Codelearn students up to 18 years can participate. The competition is divided into three leagues (Golden, Silver and Bronze) and the participating clans, made up of a maximum of six students, can get promoted or relegated for the next edition according to their performance. Every clan’s mission is to face other clans and overcome different coding challenges on the Codelearn online platform.

EXPLORER TEAM” has finally won the Golden League with 68 points ans 159 goals, “Miaus” are the winners of the Silver League (67 points and 100 goals) and “zebra” are the winners of the Bronze League (62 points ans 66 goals).

This edition has been the starting point of a new competition format. Now there will be four leagues throughout the year, instead of two, and all participants will be able to choose between different prizes in the platform’s online store, instead of receiving certain prizes based on their position in the ranking. In this way, members of the same clan can choose different rewards using the points they have earned thanks to teamwork and cooperation between them.

Among the prizes related to the competition that can currently be purchased in the store there are Xbox Series S consoles, Logitech steering wheels to enjoy driving games, 3D printers, Raspberry Pi and Arduino Kits to make your own projects, tablets, USB sticks and gift cards.


Codeathlon Autumn will start on October 2. Remember that if your clan has not participated in the Codeathlon Summer Edition you will keep the Codeathlon Winter category, but if you do not participate in the autumn edition neither you will lose it and will have to return to Bronze.

As usually, once registrations are open you will receive a notification on the platform. Stay tuned and gather your clans to participate from the first day and have the option of winning all possible points from the first moment.

Congratulations to the winners and good luck for the Codeathlon Autumn Edition!