Summer holidays are over and we already know the winners of the August Contest!

Codelearn students have been learning to code all summer using our online platform and when they work hard on their coding skills they get the chance to win amazing prizes. This year we wanted to give away two laptops, a Nintendo DS, three drones and three Arduino Kits.

The top five students in the August Ranking have chosen their prize in order of classification. Afterwards, the remaining four prizes have been drawn among the rest of participants.

And the winners are…

August Ranking Top5:

1. Nicole – Laptop

2. Lluc – Laptop

3. Emma – Nintendo DS

4. Joan – Drone

5. Guille – Drone

Draw among the participants:

Marc – Arduino Kit

Jialiang Chen – Arduino Kit

Pablo – Arduino Kit

Juan – Drone

Congratulations on the great work you have done this summer!