Our online platform is active the whole summer so students can keep learning to code!

Codelearn centers are closed on August, but you can still learn in the online platform and work on your coding skills. As we know you might need some motivation to keep doing coding exercises, every year we try to give you a good reason to do so: get one the highest scores and win prizes!

Complete your exercises correctly, win points and try to reach the Top5 of the August Ranking. At the end of the competition the five students at the top of the ranking will get a prize. Also, we will raffle four more prizes among the rest of participants.

The more points you have, the more chances you have to win! Warning: the points you get while the free mode is activated won’t be taken into account.

– 1st ranked: i3 Laptop
– 2nd ranked: i3 Laptop
– 3rd ranked: Nintendo 2DS
– 4th ranked: Drone
– 5th ranked: Drone

Also, another drone and three Arduino Kits will be raffled among the rest of students.

Enjoy your summer!