After the success of last year and the big number of artists we discovered among our students, this year we will once again organize our Drawing Competiton, a unique opportunity to showcase your artistic skills beyond the online platform.

The second edition of the competition will have the same main theme as last year, which was everything related to thecomputational thinking school. You can draw your Codelearn center, your favorite teachers, a classroom full of students, new adventures about the Codelearn universe, its characters or new characters invented by yourselves. In short, you can draw any scene related to your experience in Codelearn. The only rules are that the drawings must be original and must be done by hand (with the only exception of the digital category, where the use of AI is also allowed).

The 2024 Drawing Competition will take place from February 2 to February 9, and all Codelearn students and teachers can participate. Once you have completed your drawings, in the case of hand-drawn ones, you will need to scan or take a photo of them to attach them in a special section that will be opened on the platform, where everyone will be able to see and vote for them. The Codelearn jury will evaluate all proposals, their originality, and the quality of execution, choosing an overall winner for each category. The winners will be announced the following week through social media.

There will be six categories, with some changes from last year:

— Up to 7 years
— 8 to 9 years old
— 10 to 11 years old
— 12 to 16 years old
— Over 16 years old (including teachers)
— Digital drawing for all ages (AI use allowed)

The overall winner of each category will receive 5,000 points on the platform and a drawing kit. Additionally, each center can also choose its winners, who will receive 2,500 points.

Start thinking about it and encourage yourselves to submit your drawings to once again transform the online platform into an art gallery.

Good luck to everyone!