The season for pumpkins and ghosts has arrived. As every year, the arrival of autumn means that at Codelearn we are once again organizing the Halloween Contest and our online platform will be transformed into a spooky place where scary characters and stories will be the protagonists for a few days. From October 21 to 28, students will be able to access a special section of the platform where they will be able to show us all their creativity and ─who knows─ maybe even manage to scare us.

Here’s how Codelearn’s Halloween Contest works: all students can enter by creating an original video of up to one minute or by drawing their own monster (or any scary scene) using Logo, which is the first programming language they learn as Codelearn students. There will be four categories and the best proposal in each category will win a prize!

The competition will start on Friday, October 21st, and students will have one week to send in their creations, until October 28th. They can send their proposals through the special section that will be opened these days on the platform, where they will also have the possibility to vote on the drawings and videos of other colleagues. Apart from this popular vote, the Codelearn jury will assess the proposals and decide the final winners. Great consideration will be given to the originality and effort of each participant, and drawings that have been made “manually” will be especially valued, so we recommend avoiding the use of scripts or programs that convert images into drawings.

Participation in the contest, in the case of drawings made with Logo, is divided into three different categories depending on the age of the students, and there will be a single video category.


  • Logo from 6 to 8 years
  • Logo from 9 to 12 years
  • Logo from 13 to 18 years
  • Video (global)

Each student can send a maximum of two creations, a drawing made with Logo and a video.


The global winner of each category will receive a 50€ Amazon Card and 10.000 points.

Also, each Codelearn center will choose their own winners, who will receive 5.000 points.

Good luck!