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The Codelearn method

What should I know before starting?


Who is the Codelearn program designed for?


Codelearn is designed for kids and teens from 7 to 18 years old – that means from the moment they start reading easily until they reach higher education.


Our method is adapted to all ages and everyone can learn and progress at his own rhythm. This way, kids who are faster at learning will always need to face challenges according their level and kids who face more difficulties will be able to learn little by little without the fear of falling behind.


When can I sign up for the course?


The enrolment is always open! You can join the program at any time, since each student follows it at his own pace. But programming is like learning a foreign language: the sooner the better as the kids will have more time to learn things and assimilate everything they learn through the years.


What is the schedule in Codelearn?


Codelearn is a blended learning after-school activity. Thanks to our online platform, the students can work from home and solve different exercises according to their levels and ages.


The in-person classes are not master classes but a mentoring or a personalized follow-up. These classes last one our per week and the students can come whenever it works best for them and their families. Generally our centres are open every afternoon from Monday to Friday.


As we are talking about a personalized learning, everybody can come the day and time that works best for them. In any case, we try to group kids of similar age so they can share the learning experience, become friends and participate in group activities.


What to bring:


All kids need to have a laptop that they will use in classroom and also at home. They will also need an Internet connection in order to access to the online platform from home. It is not necessary to install any programs so the platform is accessible from any Internet browser (Firefox, Chrome, etc.).


In case of not having a laptop, you will be able to rent one at Codelearn so the student can use it at the centre. However, we highly recommend that everyone brings its own so this should be the last option.


What is the recommended daily dedication?


In addition to the classroom-based session, we recommend all our students to access the Codelearn platform 15-20 minutes a day, 4 to 7 days a week so they can maximise learning by doing the suggested exercises. Learning programming is like learning a foreign language or how to play an instrument: the more you practise, the better you assimilate it.


Prices and discounts


We offer discounts to families that enrol two or more siblings. Also there are usually some discounts according to the fees (in case of choosing the quarterly or the annually fees instead of the monthly one).


Prices may vary depending on the centres, so you can contact with your nearest centre to ask for more information or join us through the online platform.


See the prices for the online methode here.


Level certificates

Codelearn drives its own level certifications in order to demonstrate the acquired knowledge at work. There are three levels (A, B and C) and we estimate that each one requires at least three years of study and practice following our study plan.
Codelearn levels