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About us

The start of the computational thinking era


Our mission and vision


We truly believe that every child and teen is perfectly capable of learning to solve problems, face challenges, develop and create. And our main goal is to help them achieving this through programming and computational thinking.


Today, companies are looking for professionals who know how to solve problems. Our mission is to prepare the kids and teens to face the world where they will live in. And computational thinking is the most valuable skill to be equipped with. Learning to code is how you get it.


Our history


Codelearn was founded by IT professionals who, after several years working in different start-ups in Barcelona, noticed an existing gap between the labour market needs and the abilities of college graduates.


Also, we wanted our own kids to learn programming, and found no options that matched what we though it was necessary. That’s why we decided to found Codelearn, a programming school that prepares kids and teens for the current and future world.


We decided to quit our jobs and open the first brick-and-mortar Codelearn academy. We started by testing all the existing languages and tools with kids, and with what we learnt we developed our own method, an online, gamified platform where our students can learn while playing. With Codelearn, learning is an adventure where students have to face challenges and situations at their own pace, but always counting on their mentor’s help.


Codelearn today


In 2020, we have more than 20 academies in Europe, with thousands of physical students, and also online students from all around the world, as we offer a remote modality.


Our main activity is the Codelearn after-school, where we teach computational thinking through the Codelearn method in our own academies, in schools, and also now in companies that want to empower their employees with this important skill. But we also organize parallel activities such as competitions and also all kind of specialized weekly courses on Christmas, Easter and Summer holidays.


We have both our own academies, and also some using the franchise model, and are willing to keep expanding the Codelearn method to all the world.



Any questions?


Contact us at info@codelearn.com