Given the exceptional situation, the measures taken against the coronavirus and the closure of schools in many countries to stop the spread of COVID19, Codelearn offers a 30-day free trial to learn programming with its online method!


Codelearn’s online platform extends its free-trial to 30 days until May 31. Also, there is a new second mode of distance education that includes one hour of weekly class with the mentor through a video conferencing system.


Codelearn is a game-based method designed to teach programming, robotics and computational thinking to kids and teens. We truly believe that having fun is the best way to learn something, specially during childhood, so we have created a universe of characters and adventures that are told through comic strips. Codelearn students have to learn different programming languages in order to help some characters defeat the bad ones.


Each challenge accomplished helps students to win points, which they will be able to exchange for objects and avatars at the Points Store – like in a video game, which keeps them motivated.


Every student works independently, but always with the support of a mentor who will help him with the doubts and difficulties encountered during his learning and will follow his progress.


If you want to know more details about Codelearn online and register for the 30-day free trial, click on this link.