We already live in a digital world but the future will be even more technological. The IT sector is driving job creation, but the demand for IT professionals is still higher than the offer of people with these jobs required skills, which reflects that either formal education is not fully prepared yet on STEM subjects or it is failing keeping the kids enough motivated to follow technical careers.

Codelearn has been created to help kids and teens facing the future ahead of them both at personal and professional levels. In the second case, in all likelihood they will need to certify and prove their skills formally in order to access some jobs.

Just as there are level certificates to prove foreign languages competences, Codelearn has decided to create a certification which will be useful to determine and prove all the different skills and abilities that students will have learned at the end of each Codelearn level.

The main goal of boosting Codelearn certificates is to specify which kind of competences have been acquired by students who pass a level exam, that is to say, which programming languages they are capable to use and which kind of technologies they are able to work with. Thus, ideally these certificates of competencies will be useful to compare Codelearn studies to other formal education studies.

After passing the introductory level, the study plan of Codelearn is divided into three levels (A, B and C) and each one of them have an optional exam which allows students to get their certificates. Some students will take soon the Level A Exam, which can be taken once students have finished at least the adventure of Website Design with HTML / CSS / Javascript.

Through the Level A Exam, Codelearn certifies that a student has acquired expertise that enable him to complete tasks which difficulty is similar to these ones: design and implement a simple website, design and implement a mobile application though tools like AppInventor, design and implement a 2D game, build and program an educational robot, know the different kinds of sensors and actuators, know the electronic basic components and how yo build small devices, know the essential tools to create an IT project and develop Digital Literacy tools.

On a professional level, knowledge and skills proved passing the Level A Exam of Codelearn are those that we can commonly find in someone who has studied a middle-level training cycle. In the years to come, there will also be Level B and Level C exams, which will help equating more advanced competences to higher education.