Last week we talked about homeschooling, an alternative to the traditional school system. There are also adults who decide to take alternative paths regarding their professional careers and thanks to technology some of them are nowadays what we call digital nomads.


Digital nomads are people that use new technologies to work from anywhere, whether it is from home, a co-working space, a coffee shop just a few kilometres from home or from somewhere on the other side of the world, according to every moment. More often than not they only need a computer and Internet connexion to meet their job duties, sometimes added to other devices such as a camera or a microphone, which can be easily carried. That is why they don’t have a fixed workplace nor a regular schedule but they can choose from where they want to do their job, which allows them to travel around the world or to constantly change their residence.


When we talk about digital nomads we use to think about someone who travels alone or maybe a young couple, but the truth is that everyday there are more and more digital nomads who travel with their family. In some cases, nomad families benefit from the flexibility provided by their work conditions and follow homeschooling methods, while in other cases kids from nomad families attend regular classes and they just change schools frequently.


Anyway, in both situations the lifestyle of nomadic families is always based on changes, flexibility, the capacity to adapt continuously to new situations and learn new things. For this reason, the Codelearn method can easily be adapted to digital nomads and their families lives, as the online platform allows every student to learn programming, robotics and computational thinking at his own pace, whenever he wants to do it and from anywhere in the world: the only thing he needs is a computer with Internet connexion, which is exactly what his parents need to work.


On the other hand, it is also noted that knowledge about programming, robotics and technology will be one of the greatest professional demands in the future, they will create new jobs and they will make easier for the kids of nomadic families (who have grown up surrounded by changes and constant movement) to keep this same lifestyle if they wish to do so, as this knowledge will allow them to work from anywhere thanks to technology so they can be new digital nomads in adulthood.


If you are part of a nomadic family or you know a digital nomad who is interested in technology and would like to learn programming, you can try the online modality of Codelearn for 15 days enrolling via this link.