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Author: cgarcia

STEAM education helps developing computational thinking

Everyday there are more and more countries committed to introducing children to science and technology through a new practical and playful learning model that fosters the development of the so-called STEAM skills. While we already talked about STEM fields in the 90s, this idea has evolved over the last years and has added the creative, open and innovative component of Arts, so little by little...

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Arduino is an open-source hardware platform based on a board that allows to create interactive electronic objects

Do you remember our article about the difference between hardware and software? Today we should look back at those terms for a moment so we can start talking about Arduino, an open-source hardware platform based on a board that allows to create interactive electronic objects, such as robots or home automation systems. Therefore, when a Codelearn student says he has just started learning Arduino, it means...

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Codelearn certificates prove our students tech skills

The main goal of boosting Codelearn certificates is to specify which kind of competences have been acquired by students who pass a level exam, that is to say, which programming languages they are capable to use and which kind of technologies they are able to work with. Thus, ideally these certificates of competencies will be useful to compare Codelearn studies to other formal education studies....

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Computational thinking helps us finding the best solution to any kind of problem

Computational thinking is a mental process that leads us to find optimal, efficient, creative and open solutions for problems we have to face not only in technological areas, but also in any other sphere of our daily life. In order to communicate with computers and be able to understand them, computer scientists must learn how to think as a machine does: through decomposition in different...

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A kid willing to learn how to code

Everyday we can notice some small details in our kids showing us that they use a different logic comparing to ours when we were their same age. Nowadays the first instinct of a kid who doesn’t go to school yet is to touch all screens instead of using a small keyboard, as it is what they have seen from the first moment and they think...

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Hardware and software are the two main parts of an electronic device. Hardware is any physical device that we can see or touch (it is tangible), while software is a program which tells hardware how to work, which is installed inside the computer and can’t be physically touched (it is intangible)....

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Self-taught learning vs. Learning to code with Codelearn

Due to the availability of Internet and its sources of information, there are more and more kids who start looking for contents about subjects they feel passionate about and they can't study at school in a daily basis. Thus, when they reach adolescence and follow their own curiosities and motivations, they start learning by themselves through blog sites, specialized forums and other documents shared on...

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