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A unique method

A unique method

What is the best way to learn? Usually, when we are doing something that we like, and we are having fun.

Programming is a discipline that requires considerable mental effort, so it is very important to introduce it to children with an attractive approach.

Our method presents learning as a game, where the challenges have their reward (to advance the story, character enhancing) and allows students to improve and acquire skills as you progress in the adventure. Thus students have fun while learning.

[quote_box author=”Harry Lewis,” profession = “Dean of Harvard (1995-2003)”] The most popular class at Harvard today is Intro to Computer Programming, because computers are helping in almost every other field of study and research – to search for a cure for cancer, to understand the origins of ancient languages, etc. It’s a skill that will empower the next generation in almost any field. Learning to code is easy, fun, and a good thing to learn young. [/quote_box]

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