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September 2020

Codeathlon is a programming and robotics league for Codelearn students

The last round of the Codeathlon Summer Edition took place this weekend, which means we already know the winners clans of our coding and robotics competition! Alerta Cobra 666 has won the Golden League with 66 points and the clan members will get a Smart TV and 15.000 points....

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Alex is one of the two winners of a PS4

Being a Codelearn student is rewarding! Every year we celebrate the start of a new academic year with our September Raffle. We give all our students a different numbers and they can also get extra numbers and more chances to win according to the school years they have been learning to code with Codelearn....

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Learn to code while having fun with Codelearn's online after-school program

Extracurricular activities have had to adapt quickly to the sudden changes and the uncertainty caused by the arrival of COVID19, the new classroom safety measures and the possibility of experiencing new school closures or other restrictions on mobility. In this sense, Codelearn's coding and robotics after-school program has a great advantage that makes easier to keep doing the activity as we knew it before the...

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How to choose a coding and robotics program for kids and teens

A new school year begins ─this time marked by the uncertainty that COVID19 has brought us─ and it is time to choose the extracurricular activities the younger ones will attend to. If you already know that your kids like technological activities and STEAM projects, it is time to look for a coding and robotics after-school program. What should we take into account when choosing an...

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Blended learning is a methodology that mixes face-to-face education and online education

Due to the arrival of the coronavirus many schools, extracurricular activities and other training for both children and adults have experienced with online education or e-learning for the first time. E-learning is a modality that, as we explained some months ago, requires a different preparedness because it presents specific challenges. Given the uncertainty surrounding the 2020-2021 academic year and all the doubts regarding how to...

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Nicole has won the first place in the August Ranking

Codelearn students have been learning to code all summer using our online platform and when they work hard on their coding skills they get the chance to win amazing prizes. This year we wanted to give away two laptops, a Nintendo DS, three drones and three Arduino Kits....

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