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April 2020

The Karel Challenge is one of Codelearn's coding competitions

The Karel Challenge is a game / e-sport that tests participants’ speed, strategy and correctness when programming. Its main goal is to spread the importance of programming and computational thinking among children and young people and to do so in a fun and exciting way. Regarding Codelearn students, only those who have finished Chapter 2 of Karel’s adventure can participate, but you can also sign...

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Challenges of distance education and Codelearn’s online extracurricular activity

Distance education raises doubts for us as we have the feeling that students are much more isolated and have to be much more independent than in face-to-face classes, something that in some cases can hinder the student’s progress. In this sense, it is important to work from two starting-points: it is essential to set specific goals for the student and it is necessary for the...

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