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January 2017

Currently, and increasingly, we live in a world where information is on the Internet (virtual classrooms for schools, travel agencies, e-banking, etc.). Programming and the use of ITC are becoming the new literacy system. Many organizations promote teaching programming to children from an early age so that they can adapt to this increasingly digital world. One of the most active is Code.org which incorporates personalities...

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In recent years several tools have emerged to help introducing programming to children and young people. These tools aim to provide an introduction to programming using a friendly environment but, at the same time, it offers several alternatives for learning the basics of high level programming languages: variables, control structures, functions, etc. Typically, these environments offer a friendly interface that incorporates motivational factors and different abilities put...

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What is the binary system? The binary system is a numbering system in which numbers are represented using only two digits: zero (0) and one (1). It is the natural counting system used by computers, since internally they work with two levels of voltage: on (or with presence of electric charge, equivalent to 1) and off (or without electric charge, equivalent to 0). Brief historical introduction The first...

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